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A family in Arizona is warning other parents about the dangers of fidget spinners, a popular toy, after one got stuck on a boy’s finger.

Sam Rhodes, 11, had a fidget spinner stuck on his finger for 16 hours after playing with the toy.

“I barely pushed on my finger and it just popped right on,” said Sam to NBC affiliate 12 News.

The specific toy Sam had was made out of an alloy metal.


After getting the fidget spinner stuck on his hand, his parents tried home remedies to remove it.

“We tried soap, we tried oil, we tried looking on the internet for tricks,” Cassie Rhodes, Sam’s mother, said to 12 News.

After those ideas failed, Sam’s parents took him to the emergency room. However, an ER doctor was unable to remove the spinner with a ring cutter.

“It didn’t even scratch it,” said Rhodes. ““I mean, it didn’t even make a mark. They [hospital staff] said, ‘We don’t have the equipment right now at this point to help you, but we’ll find someone who does.’”

After taking Sam to another hospital, Cardon Children’s Medical Centre, it was a maintenance worker who came to the rescue.

“It’s the third time I’ve been asked to cut off rings from people’s fingers,” said Greg Earhart, the hospital’s maintenance worker, to 12 News.

It took four fiberglass blades to remove the fidget spinner. Sam is now home recovering.

Nurses at Cardon’s ER said they have seen an increase of fidget spinner accidents, including kids who swallow parts of the toy.


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