MoneyBagg Yo – Lately Feat. Fabolous & Yo Gotti

Moneybagg Yo teams up with Fabolous and Yo Gotti for the hard-hitting banger “Lately.” It’s hard to say which of these rappers destroys the instrumental hardest, as Moneybagg Yo kicks things off on a high note with some baritone swagger and clever flows. You already know that Fab thrives in competitive settings like this, and his second verse is pure flames. When he switches up the flow halfway through, it’s hard not to respect the skill.

Yo Gotti closes proceedings off with a solid verse, kicking a double-time verse with his trademark southern drawl. The track is part of Moneybagg’s upcoming project Federal 3x, which drops August 11th.

Quotable Lyrics

I give them n*ggas what they ask for, they don’t even gotta say please
Got gorillas that’ll wash you, i’ll be where the bathin’ apes be
Got a bad bitch she shapely, fuck me like she wanna rape me

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