Train cars carrying hazardous materials burns after train derailment in Pennsylvania – National

All residents of a small Pennsylvania town are being evacuated hours after a freight train carrying hazardous materials partly derailed, setting some cars ablaze.

Bedford County 911 coordinator Harry Corley says officials have ordered everyone within a 1-mile radius of the derailment to leave. He says that encompasses the entire town of Hyndman, about 100 miles (161 kilometers) southeast of Pittsburgh.

At least 32 cars on a CSX freight train derailed early Wednesday.

CSX spokesman Rob Doolittle says at least one car containing liquefied petroleum gas and one containing molten sulfur have leaked and are on fire.

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There are no reports of injuries.

Gov. Tom Wolf says health officials are conducting air and ground studies to determine possible health effects.

A number of roads are closed and some flight restrictions are in place.

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